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Kimiyasu Sawamura How to get a job with only 40 people in Japan

This time, we will talk to Kimiyasu Sawamura, a professional soccer goalkeeper coach, in the third installment of the ALL WIN dialogue series.

Mr. Sawamura is in the profession of goalkeeper coach of the top team with only 40 people in Japan.

The teacher is a very honest and pure person who looks like a soccer boy as an adult, but on the other hand, he also has the rigor of reality living in the world of professional competition.

So what can we do now? What do I have to do now? I am always thinking about.

While pure, he is also a great "realist".

This time, I asked Mr. Sawamura a lot of questions.

・ How can I stay in that position?

・ Upbringing ・ What kind of training did the brain transform?

・ Teachings learned from my mother

・ Teachings learned from the teacher

・ Words that expand the possibilities of people.

What are the words that close the "unexpected" possibility ... Professor Sawamura's story is not limited to soccer, but is definitely useful for choosing a profession, education, how to interact with people, work techniques, and business. We are doing it.

Guest Performer

Kimiyasu Sawamura

Roasso Kumamoto Top Team Goalkeeper Coach

Former Japan High School Goalkeeper Coach, Former Women's Japan National Team GK Coach, JFA National Coaching Staff

Since becoming a goalkeeper in the soccer club in junior high school, he has spent his high school and college days as a goalkeeper. After graduating from university, starting with Tosu Futures (currently Sagan Tosu), Blaze Kumamoto, Urawa Red Diamonds, Japan Women's National Team, Kawasaki Frontale, Japan High School Selection, etc. .. In January 2015, he was appointed as the goalkeeper coach of Roasso Kumamoto's top team and is active.

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Page introducing Mr. Kimiyasu Sawamura's activities "Kimiyasu"



Kenji Ogusu

Writer / NPO Jikosapo Japan Chairman

Former mixed martial arts shooto world 2nd, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Asian Games champion

NPO nationwide expansion, mixed martial arts shooto world ranker, jujutsu Asian champion, Japan's number one osteopathic clinic, has been at the top in all genres.

And it is faster to realize that you are a "genius" than to be successful or happy. He sends his thoughts to the world, and there are many fans not only in Japan but also in the world.

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contents contents

Chapter 1: Introduction with words

Chapter 2: Ask people if you don't understand

Chapter 3: Honesty

Chapter 4: What is freedom?

Chapter 5: Now

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Introducing a part of the contents here!


Chapter 1: Introduction with words

Okusu : That's a very interesting place, so I'd like to dig deeper, but I think it's essential to communicate your own intentions no matter what world you play an active part in.

How was it worn at that age?

Sawamura : My mother was a kindergarten teacher and an educator, so I think that influence was huge.

My mother often asked me

"What do you want to do?"

"What are you thinking?"

about it.

I don't think the words have remained, but I think I have acquired the skills to convey my opinions and my intentions.


Chapter 2: Ask people if you don't understand

Sawamura : That's right.

It is not possible to have a friend who was dating in the morning take a series of pictures, but what kind of aerial posture you are when you do a diving catch, what your movement looks like By asking in detail whether it was, etc., I was able to expand the image even without information.

I really wondered what I should do to improve myself.

I also had a companion who could ask me when I didn't understand.

This is also one of the teachings my mother taught me.

The story is, "If you don't understand, ask people rather than think for yourself."


Chapter 3: Honesty

Okusu : When you listen to what you're talking about, the keyword "honestness" comes up.

Sawamura boy also listened to his friend's story in the sandbox, and he answered the question honestly, and the forward of the other team also answered the question honestly.

That's true, and everyone who is successful is obedient.

There is a big manager, Konosuke Matsushita.

I am the founder of Panasonic.

He has published a lot of books and has a lot of teachings, but I think there is only one teaching.

Because the person himself

"As long as you are honest, you don't need anything else ."

So, ultimately, there is only one teaching.

That is "honestness".

Please see the main story for the continuation.

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Please also see the next work.

Thinkers and professional goalkeeper coaches talk

How to be selected as a candidate for Japan national football team

Words and thoughts make success

Author: Kimiyasu Sawamura Kenji Ogusu

Selected as a candidate for the Japanese national team

Schmidt Daniel (belonging to J League Vegalta Sendai)

The dialogue with is posted at the end of the book!

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