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How to be a happy genius

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What does "happiness" mean to you?

What kind of person is a "genius"?


There is no definition that everyone feels "happy" in this case. Happiness and success vary from person to person. A genius is someone who can do it naturally without effort.


In other words ...


Don't make an effort.

If you make an effort, you cannot succeed.


At the time of your efforts, you are wrong.

At the time of your efforts, you are rushing in the opposite direction of success.


Be aware that you are a genius.

If you think "What !?" , please read this book.

What is "happiness" for you?
What kind of person is "genius"?


There is no definition that always makes everyone feel "happy". Both happiness and success differ from person to person. A genius is a person who can do it naturally without effort.


That is ………


Do not make an effort.
I can not succeed if I make an effo rt.


At the time you are making an effort, you are wrong.
At the time you are making an effort, you are rushing all the way to th eo pposite direction to success.


Please realize that you are a genius.

Those who thought "What?", Please read this book.

About the author

Kenji Ogusu

Thinker / social entrepreneur

Former mixed martial arts shooto 2nd in the world, won the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Asian Games.

He has been at the top of all genres, working on the nationwide expansion of NPOs, the number one osteopathic clinic in Japan, the founding of ALL WIN Media, and the 4th Business Method Research Institute.

And it is faster to realize that you are a "genius" than to be successful or happy. He sends his thoughts to the world, and there are many fans not only in Japan but also in the world.

About the Author

Kenji Ogusu

Thinker / Social entrepreneur

Born in Shizuoka prefecture in 1971.

Former Mixed Martial Arts Proshoot World Featherweight Second

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Asian Games championship

Established “NPO corporation Jikosapo Japan” in 2012.

We have issued  qualifications, and in three years we have produced more than 1600 people  qualified.

In 2015, ALL WIN Media was launched to create books, images,  websites, and videos for dissemination. Founded “Fourth Business Method  Research Institute ”to cultivate social entrepreneurs through social business  in the year 2016. Established The Change Co., Ltd. to build mental infrastructure  nationwide in 2017.

And, “The way to become a happy genius · The theory of aerial thought” is announced, and it is disseminating to the world.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Please do not read the following people.


Someone who wants to succeed.

Someone who wants to be happy from now on.


Stop reading now.


Because you are already a genius.


He is a genius but has not succeeded.

I'm a genius, but I'm not happy.


Isn't that strange?

There is only one thing you need to do right now.

You just notice.


I am a genius.

I am happy.


You just notice it.


I will say it again.


No skill development, no motivation, no effort, no decision, no courage.


Be aware that you are a genius.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Are you happy? Are you successful?
This article is for those who want to be happy and successful.

You may feel you that you don't have that “something special” to unlock your success and happiness, but you should continue reading anyway.

Because everyone already has “something special” about them!

You have not enjoyed success, but you do have something special.
You are not so happy, but you do have something special to bring happiness.
Sounds somewhat strange, doesn't it? The most truthful logic sometimes sounds the strangest.
The logic is quite simple actually.

Everyone has something special to achieve success and happiness.

Not realizing your “something special” is the only impediment to your own successand happiness.

contents contents


Principle Principle Series ① Talent Edition

Two steps to success and happiness Part 1

Two steps to success and happiness Part 2

Principle Principle Success Law 1

Principle Principle Success Law 2-1

Principle Principle Success Law 2-2

Principle Principle Success Law 2-3

Principle Principle Success Law 3

Summary so far

Ogusu Kenji Official Homepage Video Content

Author Introduction

§ I The Principle -The logic-

  Ⅰ-1 Introduction  

  Ⅰ-2 Who is a genius? Two key differences  

  Ⅰ-3 About your “TALENT”   

  Ⅰ-4 The “TALENT” need the right field to be used

  Ⅰ-5 LOS Logic = loss of strength

  Ⅰ-6 NOE Logic = Do not make an effort

  Ⅰ-7 Stop it, if you can't

  Ⅰ-8 Your talent will bloom, automatically

§ II The Principle -The method-

  Ⅱ-1 To understand it

  Ⅱ-2 To find your hidden talent

  Ⅱ-3 To take an action by your talent

  Ⅱ-4 Happiness

§ III The Principle -The conclusion-

  Ⅲ-1 Conclusion

About the Author

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