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Team building technique that actually gave birth to the best in the world


Fujimoto  Hirotaka

Team building specialist.

Among the world's largest business exchange groups, 650 areas in the world, we will achieve the feat of achieving the world's highest business scale and number growth rate.


Kenji Ogusu

Founder of Fourth Business Method.

The principle "4th Business Method" that spread the NPO Jikosapo nationwide has been established and is being disseminated nationwide.

チームビルディング,対談,藤本広敬,小楠健志,team building,fujimoto,ogusu,all win media

Written by Hirotaka Fujimoto

Listener / Supervision Kenji Ogusu


What I would like to talk about this time is the "team building technique" that actually produced the best results among the 60 countries in the world.


Do you know these words?

"Team building is producing results."

Giants Peter F. Drucker called this "management".


Japan's population is declining, and the working population is steadily declining.

We have entered an era in which companies go bankrupt due to labor shortages rather than a decrease in sales.

The labor force from Asia is steadily flowing in.

We have entered an era in which we build teams with people who are born and raised in different environments, languages, and cultures, and produce results.

Team building is producing results.

The same applies to sports such as soccer.

What we are doing is the same for all the best players and children in the world.

The best players in the world aren't using their hands, and even kids can dribble, pass and shoot.

The practice method does not change that much.

However, the results are from the best in the world ...

Why are the results different even though they are doing the same thing?


The answer is here.

This is the beginning of the digest version of "Team Building Techniques That Created the Best in the World".


Hirotaka Fujimoto

チームビルディング,対談,藤本広敬,小楠健志,team building,fujimoto,ogusu,all win media

Introducing a part of the contents of this book

Excerpt from "Chapter 1 Upbringing"

Fujimoto: Yes, it was fun.

People get a lot of attention when they do physical education, and at sports festivals, everyone praises them no matter what they do. I wasn't studying at all ...

Fuji this: This is my mantra, and has the one advantage I person, I think that it will not not mind other things.

Even if there is material that is criticized there, if you have something that is second to none, you can be proud of it.

Small Kusunoki: I see. This has one keyword.

Has a strength that is second to none .

チームビルディング,対談,藤本広敬,小楠健志,team building,fujimoto,ogusu,all win media

Excerpt from "Chapter 2 Those who like it are those who enjoy it"

Fujimoto: people and able to talk, because it was fun, it was in not expect it that it is the work.

Okusu: Now, the keywords have come out.

I didn't think it was a job because it was fun.

Fujimoto: If you enjoy yourself, what will be more fun and what will be more efficient?

I will come up with it myself.

If you do it passively or passively, you may be taught by others, but I do n't think you can think of it yourself.

I don't think you 'll succeed in the first place if you don't have a job that you can enjoy.

From a small time have a dream, but is a person that can be a something of activities good, necessarily be who he wants to do as well is, I think that not living with a dream.

When such leave himself into that situation, I'm good and think in the wind that try various things.


If you are interested, please take a look at this book.


Chapter 3 Tell

Chapter 4 Team Building

Chapter 5 Trust

Written by Hirotaka Fujimoto

Listener / Supervision Kenji Ogusu


"Team building technique that actually produced the best in the world"

Publication commemorative party held

On Saturday, October 24, 2015, we held a party to commemorate the publication of "Team Building Techniques that Actually Created the World's No. 1" in Hamamatsu City.

Nearly 50 guests gathered on the day. Thank you very much. 
From Hirotaka Fujimoto ...
"Through this book, I hope that wonderful friends who share the same aspirations will form a team and each one will be put to good use. 』\
From Kenji Ogusu ...
"Please read this book more than 30 times, and if you get lost, please read this book again! 』\

Bookstore sales

It has started.

Haruya Books Ikeya Literature Museum Takabayashi Store Ikeya Literature Museum Iwata Higashi Store Ikeya Literature Museum Kosai Store Ikeya Hamamatsu Watase Store 
Bookstore sales at TSUTAYA Sanarudai store have started.

It is also available for rent at all libraries in Hamamatsu City !!

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