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Sakurai "Mach" Hayato Genius Theory ZONE World



First place

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The second installment of the dialogue series sent by ALL WIN Media! This time, we will welcome the mixed martial artist Hayato Sakurai "Mach" to reveal his genius while looking back on past games. What is the world of ZONE that you felt in the game in Abu Dhabi? Thorough dissection of how to use the genius's brain and the genius's mentality !!

Guest Performer

Sakurai "Mach" Hayato mixed martial artist

Made his professional debut with Shooto's ring.

He was undefeated for about five years, including becoming a middleweight champion in just the sixth official race. After that, after DEEP, participated in PRIDE from the men's festival on December 31, 2003. He won second place in the PRIDE lightweight GP held in 2005. He is also the only Japanese fighter to win the Las Vegas tournament in February 2007, the last event of PRIDE.


Kenji Ogusu Social entrepreneur / thinker

NPO nationwide expansion, mixed martial arts shooto world ranker, jujutsu Asian champion, Japan's number one osteopathic clinic, has been at the top in all genres.

And it is faster to realize that you are a "genius" than to be successful or happy. He sends his thoughts to the world, and there are many fans not only in Japan but also in the world.


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Part of the content is reproduced here!


Okusu : How did you feel when you were in the best condition?

Sakurai : It's really strange, but the other person collapses on his own . Why did you fall down like this? I thought it was intentional ...

Okusu : Don't you feel like you've hit it?

Sakurai : Not really. It feels like I'm going to fall down like this ...


Sakurai : If you're 100%, you can definitely win if you give 120% or 130%. Even more so, if you were a world ranker, you wouldn't be much better than yourself, so if you could get 120% of that person, you would be the best in the world. So I was always thinking about how to get 120%.


Sakurai : Practice must be to transcend all the fundamental things that you have, not to try to beat your opponent.

Okusu : What you just said is really the essence, and you have to master yourself while each person has their own characteristics.

Sakurai : That's right. First of all, that is the ultimate choice , isn't it?

What is the world of ZONE that I felt when I entered Abu Dhabi Combat?

Please see the main story for the continuation.

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