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How to be selected as a candidate for Japan national football team: Kimiyasu Sawamura, Kenji Ogusu


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Two worlds are always expressed in this book.

The visible world and the invisible inner world.

The goalkeeper is in a position where he has few chances to touch the ball, but the true value is questioned when he is not touching the ball.

A good keeper takes care of the match itself, but spends time preparing and investigating before the match.

The keeper is the cornerstone of defense, but it is also the most aggressive position.

The keeper is in a position to have a conversation as well as athletic ability.

The shot is stopped for a moment, but the keeper is always in a position to look down at the whole and move 10 people like shogi.

In the visible world, the goalkeeper plays an active part in the game for a moment, but in the invisible place, he moves the whole game and is in a position where all human abilities are required.

Ultimately, among the 100,000 spectators, 10 representatives of their own country will be moved in words, and they will face and overcome 11 representatives of the other country.


The abilities required of a goalkeeper are all human abilities.


The experiences and teachings in this book are also stories that apply to everyone.


Communication skills, language choices, leadership, differences between judgments and decisions, good challenges are thinking, abstraction and vagueness, and myself.

I hope you will enjoy Sawamura World through your position as a goalkeeper.

Kenji Ogusu

Selected as a candidate for the Japanese national team

Schmidt Daniel (belonging to J League Vegalta Sendai)

The dialogue with is posted at the end of the book!

Author profile

Kimiyasu Sawamura

Roasso Kumamoto Top Team Goalkeeper Coach

Former Japan High School Goalkeeper Coach, Former Women's Japan National Team GK Coach, JFA National Coaching Staff

Since becoming a goalkeeper in the soccer club in junior high school, he has spent his high school and college days as a goalkeeper.


After graduating from university, starting with Tosu Futures (currently Sagan Tosu), Blaze Kumamoto, Urawa Red Diamonds, Japan Women's National Team, Kawasaki Frontale, Japan High School Selection, etc. ..


In January 2015, he was appointed as the goalkeeper coach of Roasso Kumamoto's top team and is active.

Page introducing Mr. Kimiyasu Sawamura's activities "Kimiyasu"


Kenji Ogusu

Thinker / social entrepreneur

Former mixed martial arts prosciutto world featherweight 2nd place, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Asian Games championship

Established "NPO Jikosapo Japan" in 2012.


It issues qualifications and has produced more than 1,600 qualified people in three years.


Launched ALL WIN Media in 2015 to create and publish books, videos, WEB, and videos.


2016 Established "4th Business Method Research Institute" to foster social entrepreneurs through social business.


2017 Established The Change Co., Ltd. to build mental infrastructure nationwide.


And he is sending out "How to become a happy genius, aerial thought theory" to the world.

table of contents



Chapter 1: How to be selected as a candidate for Japan

Chapter 2: Successful Elements Needed for Goalkeepers

Chapter 3: The moon is only when observing, when not observing

Not in

Chapter 4: Thinking about what is "natural" after the Kumamoto earthquake

Chapter 5: Abstract, Vague, Concrete

Chapter 6: I can only be myself

Chapter 7: Interview with Schmidt Daniel


Instead of the postscript


Introducing a part of the contents here!


Chapter 1: How to be selected as a candidate for Japan

Sawamura : Japanese children don't really want to be a keeper.


That's because there is an idea that if you get a score, it's your fault .

By the time he thought, "If I got a score ...", the child had already run a goal.

Because I have an image of myself being scored.

South American children said, "If I stop the ball, it will lead to victory. stand out. I'm only thinking about when I stopped, like "I'm evaluated."


As you can see from this, the mindsets of the two are completely different from the beginning.


Differences in mind can lead to major differences in results.

I personally feel that I have a duty to instill the goalkeeper as a positive image in Japan.

Chapter 2: Successful Elements Needed for Goalkeepers

Okusu : The most aggressive position of the keeper, who is the key to the defense, is the opposite of what the general public thinks.


Please tell us what Professor Sawamura thinks of "the elements necessary for a goalkeeper".

  Sawamura : I think the most important thing is leadership. Because of that, you can move the game.

And the goalkeeper is also the steering wheel to make suggestions to colleagues and put them into action as a team.

The next most important thing is the communication skills needed to convey your will to your peers.

Since it is a communication with others so that the word "meet and talk" is written as "conversation" , it is of course necessary to proceed with the conversation while respecting the will of the other person. I feel that is the most important thing.

Chapter 3: The moon is only when observing, not when not observing

Okusu : Professor Sawamura often says that if you put a vertical line in the minus, it will be a plus, but I don't think it's easy.

How do you teach how to hold this mindset?

  Sawamura : I'm saying, "Let's challenge positively."

By doing so, even if it doesn't work, it will be easier for vertical lines to appear in the minus.


Because it's an action I set myself up.

On the contrary, there is no vertical line in the minus made passively.


That's why it's important to start from yourself.

Please see the main story for the continuation.

Now on sale at Amazon, Sanseido Bookstore, Rakuten Books,

Click here for the book version

Click here for the ebook version


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​We also offer an online course for the "Goalkeeper's School" that produced the Japanese national football team. The first coach Kimiyasu Sawamura's course is free of charge.

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