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" Produce your own brand" activity

Build your own credit and brand automation.


You maximize your value

Accelerate your business.

ALL WIN Media will do the total production for that.

Let you free yourself.

Business model building, entrepreneurship, rebuilding, publishing, video, DVD, HP, organization building, qualification issuance / certification

Online school ...

ALL  WIN Media consults

Comprehensively produce.

ALL WIN Media produces such people

Professional mixed martial artist Sakurai "Mach" Hayato


Abstraction series ④

Hayato Sakurai "Mach" and thinkers talk

Genius theory  ZONE world

Thorough dissection of how to use the genius's brain and genius's mentality

December 31, 2016 In line with the match held at the martial arts competition RIZIN, the dialogue DVD released in the previous year was released as an electronic book, and the author debut, free download campaign, Internet advertisement, etc. were promoted, and the number of Amazon downloads It came in first place.

天才論 ZONEの世界

The T-shirts and cheering flags used on this day also have various sponsor logos.

Amazon 1st place


In 2016, he became the ambassador of NPO Jikosapo Japan, and was interviewed by the magazine "Caminoge" in his white coat.


Along with the martial arts competition Mach Festival, we released a dialogue DVD, sold it on Amazon, produced promotional videos, produced landing pages, and promoted Internet advertisements.

桜井"マッハ"速人 天才論 ZONEの世界
桜井"マッハ"速人 天才論 ZONEの世界

Dialogue shooting scenery

DVD promotional videos


ALL WIN dialogue series ②  

Sakurai "Mach" Hayato Genius Theory

ZONE world


Landing page

ZONE World Booth at Mach Festival


For SNS promotion

Various banners


A2 poster

In 2014, obtained an intermediate qualification as a traffic accident specialist. At this time, it was posted on Yahoo News Top and spread on SNS.

In addition, more than 60,000 copies of Jikosapo's booklet "Giving Power" have posted a testimonial, and in the name of Ambassador Jikosapo , he is playing a part in social contribution activities.


Traffic Accident Specialist Workshop At the Traffic Accident Specialist Workshop

Yahoo news publication


To the power to give


I received it.

Obtained a traffic accident specialist

I got a message

​Appointed Ambassador to Zikosapo

2019-01-25 22.19.44.jpg

​ We held a martial arts technology seminar and lecture at MMA Rangers Gym in Fukuoka.

Then, I asked the comedians Nikoniko Punpun and Mach to travel around Fukuoka.

I also had a food report.

​ The situation is published on the YouTube Mach channel.

Mr. Kimiyasu Sawamura

・ J.League Roasso Kumamoto Top Team Goalkeeper Coach

・ GK specialized school. Representative of Kumamoto Ozu Gory Scheme

Starting with Tosu Futures (currently Sagan Tosu), Mr. Sawamura has served as a goalkeeper coach for Blaze Kumamoto, Urawa Red Diamonds, Japan Women's National Team, Kawasaki Frontale, Japan High School Selection, etc., and has trained many goalkeepers .


* Building a business model and consulting from the beginning of the school

* Book publishing + lecture + marketing

* Video production
* Construction of " Kimiyasu"

・ How to get a job with only 40 people in Japan

・ How to be selected as a candidate for the Japan national football team

We released the dialogue as an e-book, and distributed free download campaigns, Internet advertisements, promotions such as online NEWS, and leaflets to each school and soccer club.

And the second work will be published in the same way, and a publication commemorative lecture will be held in Kumamoto, and promotion activities will be carried out like the first work.

In the second work, an interview with Schmidt Daniel, who was also elected to the Japan national team, is also posted. In addition, about 120 books will be donated to the local library and public school in Hamamatsu City .

Since he wants to create a school dedicated to GK in Kumamoto, he provides consulting such as building a business model before the establishment. In about half a year, more than 60 students gathered at the GK-only school, and the players began to achieve excellent results. We also hold training camps, watching games, and interacting with J-Leaguers.

Despite being a place with a small population, many students have gathered at the school to create an unprecedented school.


Book cover


Landing page for books


Dialogue scenery


​We will work out the contents of the book based on the dialogue


Facebook campaign banner


Net news posting


Handbill for distribution


​Second book cover


Became a representative of Japan

Schmidt Daniel

Interviews with players

Published in books


State of publishing commemorative lecture


Kumamoto Ozu

Gory scheme

スクリーンショット 2017-07-14 15.02.24.png


Video production and distribution


​Poster and leaflet for the second publication commemorative lecture


UDEMY has opened an online school for goalkeepers who have produced Japan national football teams.

841 Co., Ltd. Representative Director

Mr. Yayoi Kanahara

Consulting from the launch of an online shop

・ Ebook picture book

"Small child" series

An online shop that won the Rakuten Shop of the Area

We consulted from the beginning.

The company name 841 was also named by All Win Media.

In a few years from sales of 0 yen, I was able to grow until I received the award.

Then, he published an e-book of the president's own character "Small Child" as a picture book, and ranked first in the Amazon ranking. Up to 3 volumes will be published.

Picture book "Small child" Volume 1

The first volume of the picture book "Small Child" won the 1st place in the picture book category of the Amazon Kindle Store.


Various goods at the time of 2005


First place

Of brain specialists and neurologists

Dr. Kazutoshi Fukagawa

スクリーンショット 2018-08-07 11.48.25.png

Collaboration between Dr. Kazutoshi Fukagawa and All Win media

All Win with Dr. Kazutoshi Fukagawa, a neurologist who is an expert in higher brain dysfunction  We created Hp, created and sold videos, published, and gave lectures with media.

This is a collaboration project.


→ Making books (electronic books, paper books)

→ Text creation

→ Video sales

→ Lecture + TV coverage

→ Construction of Kazutoshi

→ Launch of online school

We collaborated with you.

We will promote collaboration, which is a combination of further value and value.

Summarized all of the content

Self-media Kazutoshi

2016-11-14 10.43.51.jpg

Lectures were held in Tokyo and Shizuoka prefecture.

At the lecture in Shizuoka prefecture, we were interviewed on TV and aired.


How to be happy 1.0 and 3.0


スクリーンショット 2018-08-03 12.11.54.png

​The lectures and dialogues by Dr. Kazutoshi Fukagawa are animated and sold on Amazon VTR and InfoCart.


Create the original textbook for the online school together



Nikonikopunpun  Mr. Tsuyoji Oite

I met Mr. Okusu, the representative of All Win Media, and he gave me advice on my own activities, the comedy event I sponsor, and Tsukiichi Noka.

I had a connection with martial artist Hayato Sakurai, and the moderator and in-viewer of Mach's lecture walked around the city of Hakata together, and the situation was broadcast on YouTube's Hayato Sakurai channel.

​ Currently, I would like to create a new media with All Win Media in Fukuoka.

2019-01-25 19.06.28.jpg
2019-01-26 09.10.25.jpg
2019-01-26 16.16.26.jpg

A mixed martial artist in the city of Hakata
​ A leisurely trip with Hayato Sakurai.

At a lecture by MMA Sakurai Hayato.

​Comedy live "Tsukiichinoka" sponsored by Niko Niko Pun Pun

A wandering trip through the city of Hakata with mixed martial artist Hayato Sakurai. It is a food report. This was also produced.

Sponsored by Street Times (Street event)

Shinji Yamashita  Mr

Event launch and management consulting

When I went to Los Angeles for work, I met Mr. Okusu and chatted over breakfast, saying, "It should be fun to recreate the weekend in California in Hamamatsu City," which led to this event.


I could see the purpose of contributing to the community by using my hobby, but it was unclear what was necessary on the way to reach it, but Mr. Okusu gave me accurate consulting based on his experience. rice field.


By analyzing the importance of utilizing my own strengths and what are their strengths, we have succeeded in three events since 2017, and we have taken a step toward contributing to the local community. rice field.


Currently, we are working toward a bigger goal and continue to hold regular events, make the organization an NPO, continue activities with the goal of holding it in other prefectures, and ask for advice on that.


The second event will be held at Bentenjima Seaside Park

Children also participate in the team


With Mr. Yamashita

Former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

With Representative Shioya



​At Soramo in front of Hamamatsu Station


Hamamatsu City sponsorship and collaboration with local companies

Representative of Wealth Dynamics North (Building Infrastructure and Community in Hokkaido)

Takeshi Hirao  Mr

・ Management consulting from event launch production

When we met at Wealth Dynamics AWARD 2017
The project started with excitement from the story "Let's create an environment where you can learn Wealth Dynamics in Hokkaido!"

After that, with the cooperation of the Japan Aptitude Dynamics Association,
・ Shitsumon Reading Club ・ Wealth Dynamics FESTA2018 in Hokkaido Event ・ Wealth Introductory One-day course and many other events can be held, and we are working to further expand the place of learning from Hokkaido.


With Mr. Hirao (second from the left)​ Members of Wealth Dynamics North


​Wealth Dynamics Festa Hokkaido

2017-11-26 10.03.49.jpg

​State of Shitsumon reading party

Representative of Chiho's English

Chiho Eto  Mr. (interpreter)


It was at the end of October 2017 that Mr. Okusu, the representative of All Win Media, asked me to try Facebook Live.


As a fledgling interpreter who learned English by self-education in Japan after becoming an adult, I wrote an article about learning English on Facebook every day at that time, saying, "If this experience helps someone."


I didn't know what Facebook live was, and I had never seen it, but when I saw the live that Mr. Okusu was delivering at that time, I thought "I might be able to do it," and two days later, I took the plunge and started. I did.


Almost a year has passed since then, and the number of live concerts has exceeded 150, and we are developing services such as e-mail newsletters, blogs, and English coaching centered on live activities.


Without Mr. Okusu, who pushed his back by seeing the nature that he didn't even notice , "I like to talk in public, and the more I talk, the more energy I get from the people who are watching me." I don't think I was a retreat, but I never thought "let's start a live concert".


Through live performances, I was released , the quality of daily communication changed, and the accumulation of these changed my brand.


Your own strengths and values may be unexpectedly invisible to you.

I think ALL WIN MEDIA will give new opportunities to those who want to release themselves and build a brand.


Interpreter and English teacher Chiho and All Win Media

​ "Four Theories That Active Interpreters Teach Anyone Can Speak English" Online Course is now available at Udemy.

We will continue to hold courses one after another.

2019-02-06 11.27.05.jpg

Produced by All Win Media, the course was opened and the first online course received many awards from Udemy.


I want everyone to be able to speak English.
​ This is an online course made with that feeling.​

Junichi Kimura (Lecturer)

・ Product development consulting


When I was talking to Mr. Okusu, the representative of All Win Media, I was suddenly told that "Mr. Kimura enjoys working as an office worker, so I should tell him that."


And the name was [Lehman Dynamics] .


At that time, I was worried because I didn't know what I could tell people.


That was the start with a word from super creator Okusu.


Now that my axis has been set, I am holding the 5th Lehman Dynamics course with original content.


"Produce your own brand" activity

That is your "self-support" activity.

* "Self-support" means "ALL WIN Media will produce and support you with all your might".

We support your "self-support" activities

スクリーンショット 2018-04-27 15.32.15.png
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Shonan Takeshi (Ogusu Kenji)

Representative of All Win Media

Own Brand Producer: Media Consultant

Private Mental Gym The Change Co., Ltd. Representative

Founder of NPO Jikosapo Japan

Former mixed martial arts shooto world 2nd

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Asian Games Winner

Has a track record of creating a national organization of NPOs from Hokkaido to Okinawa in one year.

It also creates qualifications and produces 1,600 qualified personnel in three years.

Established one of the prefecture's leading martial arts GYM, an osteopathic clinic that boasts the largest number of visits in Japan.

Produce by making use of that experience.

Former mixed martial arts shooto 2nd in the world, won the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Asian Games.

And it is faster to realize that you are a "genius" than to be successful or happy. He is sending his thoughts to the world.  

He also runs multiple companies and NPO corporations.

​ Former professional mixed martial arts shooto 2nd in the world, won the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Asian Games. Black belt.

He has published many books and has a lot of achievements of No. 1 on Amazon.

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Ito予應(Masao Ito)

Marketing Consultant Event Producer

Born in Tokyo. Lives in Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture. After working for a major life insurance company, he joined Improvic Co., Ltd., a consulting company for direct response marketing methods, and gained a track record and became independent.

Representative Director of Japan Business Support Organization

Former Deputy Representative Director, Japan Aptitude Dynamics Association

Director of NPO Japan Reholm Federation

Operates think tank & consulting itmasa

Engaged in promotion support for small and medium-sized enterprises and local enterprises, and town revitalization business in local Toride city.

In 5 years, he has a track record of teaching more than 130 companies and has a track record of 900 business matching and coordination.

He is the author of "A manual for increasing sales that can be done for free" .

● Produce department

● Consulting department

● Publishing department

 Book production / publishing

● Video department

 DVD production / video production

● WEB department

 home page

Landing page

Header for SNS

Online school

2016-12-09 21.05.28.jpg

・ Building a business model ・ Creating an organization ・ Creating qualifications ・ Opening new products ・ Team building

Click here for the 4th Business Research Institute specializing in

First free hearing

We will submit the plan after the hearing.

Please feel free to contact us first.

inquiry  from


Please call me directly


What is your own brand producing activity?

1. 1. Maximize your value and get paid for doing business.

ALL WIN Media will do the total production for that.

2. 2. Only use the top 4%

Branding methods, trust, credit, marketing, sales automation methods,

I will tell you and produce it.

You can build branding for 10 years in one year.

3. 3. How to attract customers for the rest of your life, automate advertising, become number one in an instant

Professionals, only teachers, and only ones can be undisturbed by anyone.

4. The result is happiness, success, attracting customers, achieving goals, increasing sales, and forming communities and organizations.

And you will be the infrastructure you walk on and the one chosen by your customers.

Shape your feelings.

That is the "self-support" activity.

ALL WIN Media provides total support for you and your company

We will produce it comprehensively.

・ Find your value

・ Building a business model  from

・ Branding

・ Content production

・ Publishing, video, WEB, DVD,

HP, SNS, banner ... Production

・ Making an online school

・ Organization

・ Making teaching materials

・ Certification


・ Produce

I will do it.

And by accumulating these things


For the first time "self-producedIs possible.

It's important here.(Because it is important, I will write only here later.)

Automation of trust, trust and branding  about

Why do you sell, sell, sell, sell?

The reason is that the product cannot be sold.

The reason why it doesn't sell is because it hasn't been chosen by customers.

The answer is simple: be the customer's choice.

And what you need when you are selected by a customer


Credit and brand .

There are three factors you need when branding.

They are "virtue," "rank," and "timing ." (Yangmingism)

In other words at a restaurant

"Taste," "class, brand, credit," "fashion, freshness, season."

Japanese people are serious, so the taste is good at any store. "Virtue" is very high.

I haven't missed the timing so much.

Often, what is missing is the "rank."

It's a brand. Trust, trust.

It is important to make it.

Only then will "virtue and taste" come to life.

The owner of the restaurant said, "Our restaurant has a good taste, so once you come to eat, you will understand how good it is."


As I often say, customers don't even come once.

If you can do that, you won't have any trouble.

The problem is not "taste and virtue" when it comes to why it doesn't come

Sometimes there is a lack of "rank, brand, credit" .

Marketing technology is so prosperous,


Even now, more than 90% of the reasons for being new and connecting to business are referrals.

After all, it's credit (brand) .

It's not about taste or marketing.

What is the basis for getting to know your wonderful "product"


It becomes "rank, brand, credit".

Only when you make a call from the top of the platform, which is several steps higher, can you hear your voice.

Without this high platform, the voice would be overwritten no matter how much you send it.

With this platform, "speaking power" is born for the first time here.

That is "rank, brand, credit".

What does the word "who says it matters, not what it says" mean?

It means that "rank, brand, credit" is important, not taste.

And there are three media to do that.

"Individual (this is the most important)" "Product" "Organization"

It is important to add brand and value to this one by one.

Even if you look at big business owners, individuals have credibility and brand power.

President Masayoshi Son, President Tadashi Yanai, Chairman Inamori, Konosuke Matsushita, Soichiro Honda ...

The reason is that the individual is not standing, but the individual has no brand or credibility.


It's not just the products and organizations that are doing well.

And it is important to add brand and value to these three in sequence.

"Individual" is important for both rabbits and horns.

Your own credit.

Because even if the product becomes old, obsolete, or the organization disappears

If you have the credit and the brand, you can do the rest.

​Recommended for people like this

・ I want to put ideas into shape

・ I want to shape my business model

・ I want to know what my value is

・ I want to start a business

・ I want to rebuild my current business

・ I want to change the way business is shown

・ I want to brand

・ I want you to produce

・ I want you to consult

・ I want to publish

・ I want to create an organization such as an association or NPO

・ I want to start an association business

・ I want to make qualifications, textbooks, and tests

・ I am studying by reading seminars, cram schools, and books, but no results are obtained.

・ I'm updating SNS, but nothing happens

ALL WIN Media gives shape to all your thoughts

​Nothing happens just by sending information

We have entered an era like this.

1. 1. Internet information recipient <2. Information sender <3. Information creator

Creating and disseminating information

It will lead to your credit / branding, attracting customers, and increasing sales.

1. 1. Internet Information Recipient:

I often browse the internet

Utilizing that informationIt's about people.

This is just a consumer.

Nothing happens because it's just consuming.

2. Information sender:

A person who uses the media to disseminate information.

Previously, information could be sent


It was only mass media such as TV, newspapers and magazines.

The general individual could not even have a way to disseminate information.

There was an information revolution on the Internet.

Anyone can now send information to the world .

At first, there was a time when we could attract customers just by having a homepage.

Everyone entered there, and as many homepages as there were stores were created.


Furthermore, everyone started blogging, videos, SNS, and so on.

It has become commonplace to disseminate information.

There are many people who are ordinary people and individuals.


And we have entered an era in which nothing happens just by disseminating information.

Then, is it meaningless to send information?

That's not true.

The usefulness of disseminating information will remain unchanged.

Therefore, the quality of information dissemination has come to be questioned.

3. 3. Information creator

If you just send it, you will not get caught and anyone will see it

It's an era when you can't get it.

So the important thing is to get the information hooked.

What does it mean to have a catch?

Customers feel value

It's about providing your customers with the information you create .

Posts that are often read on SNS etc. are such information when you think about it.

Even on SNS, things like "words of great men" were read before.

It's not created, it's a copy, so I don't even see what's posted anymore.

The important thing is to stand in the position of the information creation sender of these three.

You are the originator of information creation .

That is your "self-support" activity.

Kindler than Youtuber .


Self-branding and "self" mediaabout


Ultimately, any big star needs to be self-produced.

However, after the "brand, position, position" was created

Please do self-produced self-branding for the first time.

(Important here)

No matter how much you update your SNS by then, no matter how much you like it, the effect will be small .

Without Kindler or the "brand, position, position" so far

Even if you do self-produced self-branding, it's just a "rear charge" boast

Will be.

Someone who is not a celebrity ate at a fine restaurant

Even if you upload a photo with a celebrity, it's just a boast of the general public.

It does not lead to credit, brand, attracting customers or increasing sales.

That's why nothing happens when you update your SNS or blog every day and get a lot of likes.

However, after doing "self-support" activities and building trust and branding to that extent

You yourself

The more branding you do, the more your brand will build up.

In the end, do your own production and branding

Credit and brands will always build up automatically.

That is the final point of "self-support" provided by ALL WIN Media.

That is credit, brand, customer attraction, marketing・ Automation of sales.

To do that is to build "self-media"


Self-media is something like "a TV station, a radio station, a newspaper company, and a publisher ...".

Is to build this.

Become a Kindler , make full use of media such as HP, videos, SNS ... WEB

Build "self-media".

It ’s good that you appear in the media as a talent,

Better yet, be a TV station.

Being the media.

That is "self-media" .

The reason is that no matter how much you like it on SNS

It has flowed away and is not accumulating anywhere.

There is a long description when you open the blog, and everyone is sure


You can open a blog by pressing the "I agree" button.

What was written there

The copyright of the texts and photos you write belongs to the blog company.

Moreover, in closed SNS such as FB, it is

It is not reflected in the SEO of search engines such as Google at all.

Therefore, what I wrote is not accumulated and is flowing.

Unless you knew you originally and came back to your SNS and read it


There is no way to read the text you wrote.

You are not asked by anyone but for an SNS company


It means that we continue to create content.

The information you send out is not accumulated as an asset


It's flowing.

The information you are sending is valuable.

Please capitalize it.

That is to accumulate the information you send in "self-media".

Ultimately, the "self-support" activity is also to build this "self-media".

Learn "self-support" produced by your own brand



Learn by e-mail newsletter



Learn about business startups with free videos

スクリーンショット 2018-09-19 16.34.17.png



Learn at an online school
You can learn about entrepreneurship and business.

スクリーンショット 2018-06-18 11.35.42.png
スクリーンショット 2018-06-19 9.33.24.png



Learn from books


​Book by Kenji Ogusu


Book by Ito



2016-12-09 21.05.28.jpg

・ Building a business model ・ Creating an organization ・ Creating qualifications ・ Opening new products ・ Team building

Click here for the 4th Business Research Institute specializing in



Received consulting and production.

Kindler than Youtuber

Let's publish! Many achievements of Amazon No. 1

To truly think about the customer and provide value to the customer.

That is the most important.

It is best to do that and become the number one store, which is the credit and brand.

Ultimately, we will, of course, aim for that with you.

However, All WIN Media recommends that you do "self-support" activities at the same time.

The reason is

・ It is very difficult to improve "virtue, taste, and technology" in the industry or market by doing just that.


・ Even if you do that, the foundation "brand / credit" is indispensable.


・ And other companies in the same industry are also making credit and branding is being done one after another.


If you don't know you in the first place, no one can be your customer.

One of the suggestions

There are various methods such as homepage, SNS, lectures, appearing in the media, videos, etc.


All WIN Media recommends publishing.

Kindler than Youtuber .

I encourage you to become an author. (We make both electronic and paper media.)

As a merit

・ Become an author. (An asset called a brand is built)

・ The book will remain as your advertising tool forever.

(It will be your property. Advertisements and promotions will flow only for that time.)

・ As a credit / brand, it will be your foundation and give you a “speaking power”.

・ You can send what you think and what you want to convey as a book.

・ The value and actions you have accumulated up to now will be expanded several to several tens of times depending on the book.

ALL WIN Media has a lot of achievements of No. 1 on Amazon.

However, I would like to talk about this and say something like this.

Just publishing doesn't do anything.

It is the same as nothing happens even if you update SNS such as blogs and HP, or upload videos.

This is a very important place.

Just publishing a book does not increase the number of customers or increase profits.

Total production is required.

What is needed is to have a bird's-eye view of the whole, clarify the purpose, and have a combination technique rather than a single shot.

And do it continuously.

By doing so, the value and actions you have accumulated will increase several to several tens of times.

All WIN Media will give you the ultimate enjoyment of your life

Produce in total.

Kindler than Youtuber .

Overview of own brand-produced "self-support" service

First free hearing

We will submit the plan after the hearing.

Please feel free to contact us first.

inquiry  from

Or call us directly


2016-12-09 21.05.28.jpg

・ Building a business model ・ Creating an organization ・ Creating qualifications ・ Opening new products ・ Team building

Click here for the 4th Business Research Institute specializing in

Consulting / Comprehensive Produce

We also accept consulting alone.

Consultation required 30,000 yen / month (excluding tax) ~

Publishing department

E-book publishing (many achievements of Amazon No. 1)

Consultation required 100,000 yen (excluding tax) ~

Publishing books on paper

Consultation required 100,000 yen (excluding tax) ~


Video department

Video creation

Consultation required 10,000 yen (excluding tax) ~

DVD creation

Consultation required 100,000 yen (excluding tax) ~

名古屋から世界へ飛び跳った人たち ALL WIN 対談シリーズ(1)
桜井"マッハ"速人 天才論 ZONEの世界 予告編

WEB department

Creating headers for use on SNS etc.

Consultation required 5,000 yen (excluding tax) ~

Creating a home page

Consultation required 100,000 yen (excluding tax) ~

Creating a landing page

Consultation required 50,000 yen (excluding tax) ~


The Chage ホームページ
幸せな天才になる方法 LP
小楠健志&後藤哲哉 Talk Live Okayama 2016 LP

First free hearing

We will submit the plan after the hearing.

Please feel free to contact us first.

inquiry  from


Please call me directly


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