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Only the person who got it can go to the next era

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A story about a martial arts healer who has created 100 stores nationwide in a year.

This is the most proven book on Amazon.

Power to give

A story about how to improve the world "easily" right now


A legendary book read by 48,000 people in 10 months! What I would like you to do is "continue to give without reward", and the result will lead to success.

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Principle Principle Series ②

Fourth business method

Digest edition


If you quit your business, you can succeed in your business. Because you are not a businessman (merchant).

This is a book from the 4th Business Method Research Institute, which is working hard in social business and developing social entrepreneurs.

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Actually gave birth to the best in the world

Team building technique


"Team building is paying off," Drucker called it management.

Why is it team building now?

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Recommendation of dynamics

Why can't you succeed even if you imitate a successful person?

There are only eight ways to succeed and be happy, depending on your brain type.

We will tell you the equation of success (wealth) and the equation of success utilizing wealth dynamics.

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Principle Principle Series ① Talent Edition

How to be a happy genius


There is only one thing you need to do right now. I'm a genius, I'm happy. You just notice it.

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How to get a job with only 40 people in Japan

"Living now"

What I want to tell you now on the battlefield of J Leaguers and leaders


This is the third installment of the ALL WIN dialogue series, and this time we are talking to Kimiyasu Sawamura, a professional soccer goalkeeper coach.

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日本幸せになる方法 能力UPはいらない

Abstraction series ①

Neurologist and thinker talk

How to be happy  No need to improve ability

What we have seen at the forefront of treatment for higher brain dysfunction

The philosopher Descartes said, "Because I think, I am." Certainly you are there. But as long as one is alive, one wants more. You are not satisfied just by being present. What are you? What should i do? How can I be happy? I hope you can find the answer in this dialogue.


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Abstraction series ②

21st century

Yoshida Shoin's disciple  

Aspiration and Makoto do not lead to space and cyberspace

The second in the abstraction series, this time, I was invited by the US State Department to participate in a program called IVLP (International Visitor Leader Program) that invites the next generation of international leaders to get to know the United States. This is a dialogue with Mr. Kenichi Kawamura.


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Traffic Accident Whiplash / Head Guidebook

The content of this guidebook should be known to everyone before the accident, not after the accident.

Many people will be bailed out just by knowing you.

Traffic accidents are certainly decreasing.

However, the structure itself for relief has not changed at all after the war.

There are always victims in the city where you live. There are many people who are in trouble just because they don't show up very often.

However, there is no system or program itself like the guideline.

So, this time, Jikosapo and Professor Fukagawa made it together.

It is an activity that can help people around you just by knowing it.

The content of the guidebook is to be known to all the people before the accident, not after the accident.

It is a social change activity that you can do just by knowing it.



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Abstraction series ③

Thinkers talk

How to be happy 2.0  

A society that eliminates the need for money and work

ALL WIN Media This is the sequel to the 3rd abstraction series, the abstraction series ① "How to be happy Ability Up does not enter". 
This time, the talk of money and work, which was not in the previous time, occupies a considerable part.
Since it is a series of abstractions, the abstraction level goes up and down considerably, but I hope you will read it with that in mind.
Then, I hope you will enjoy "how to be happy" from here.



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天才論 ZONEの世界

Abstraction series ④

Hayato Sakurai "Mach" and thinkers talk

The world of genius theory ZONE  

Thorough dissection of how to use the genius's brain and genius's mentality

ALL WIN Media Abstraction Series 4th,

This book is a DVD version of the ALL WIN dialogue series (2) Sakurai "Mach" Hayato "Genius Theory" ZONE world has been revised and made into an electronic book so that it can be read easily.

After reading this book, I hope you will see the match again. Then you should see a different world.



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Picture book "small child" series

① A small child was born

The 3.35 cm tall "little child" was born from the love of dad and mom. The first in the picture book "Small Child" series.

The character "small child" created by the author who was once a designer.

It was revived after 15 years by my nephew.

Appendix: History from the birth of the character to its publication


[Author profile]
841 (Yayoi)
Born in 1979. Currently in Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Former freelance web designer.
Meanwhile, he develops creative activities for original characters.

Announced "Small Child" and "Hanamusume".
Currently, he is the store manager of "841 cold socks".

■ Small child official website
■ 841 cold socks
[Rakuten Ichiba store]
[Amazon store]

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Abstraction series ⑥

Thinkers and personal trainers talk

How to increase the level of abstraction 1.0  

An abstract way of thinking that only those who have it can go to the next era


"Abstract", "Vague" and "Concrete" are all different.

Even if you can understand this difference, a completely different life is waiting for you.

It's an abstraction series that raises the level of abstraction just by reading it, but this time it's all about itself, how can the level of abstraction rise? It is a story.

This is a conversation with Mr. Sasaki, who used the degree of abstraction to become the world champion of Russia's national sport Sambo.

This time, I talked about the first part and the second part.

I dared to write this sentence by raising or lowering the level of abstraction.

The story goes on like this.

Enjoy the abstraction roller coaster.

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Abstraction series ⑦

Thinkers and professional goalkeeper coaches talk

To be a candidate for Japan national football team

How to be elected  

Words and thoughts make success


Two worlds are always expressed in this book. The visible world and the invisible inner world.

In the visible world, the goalkeeper plays an active part in the game for a moment, but in the invisible place, it is a position that moves the whole game and requires all human abilities.

The experiences and teachings in this book are also stories that apply to everyone. Communication skills, language choices, leadership, differences between judgments and decisions, good challenges are thinking, abstraction and vagueness, and myself ... I hope you will enjoy Sawamura World through your position as a goalkeeper.


Abstraction series ⑤

Thinkers and business consultants talk

2020 Conditions for happiness in a new era  

"Business method" that only the person who got it can go to the next era

There is a theory called the 70-year cycle theory.

Seventy years after the Meiji Restoration, 1945 was the end of World War II. And 70 years later is now. This dialogue was realized in order to leave this chaotic present to posterity.

At this time, we will leave what everyone thinks, feels uneasy, and what they needed, as well as telling them the analysis so far, future prediction, and the mentality and mindset necessary for the coming era.

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How to be a happy genius

How to be a happy genius

This article is for those who want to be happy and successful. You may feel you that you don't have that “something special” to unlock your success and happiness, but you should continue reading anyway.

   Because everyone already has “something special” about them!

You have not enjoyed success, but you do have something special.

   You are not so happy, but you do have something special to bring happiness.

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The Change Program

Counselor training program text

The Change program is completely different from the regular psychological program.

It is a promise of change.

The Change was developed by Tomoya Katada based on human knowledge such as evolutionary biology, psychology, and cognitive linguistics.

You don't have to believe in anything. You don't even have to admire anyone. You don't have to think about doing your best.

All you have to do is know The Change and put it into practice.

And you will be really surprised to know the contents of The Change.

For actions that I have made unconscious until now.

Once you know The Change, you will always spend the rest of your life seriously.

The Change is a psychological program that allows you to solve your problems, act naturally toward your goals, and produce results.

New issue


Comprehensive accident relief guidebook

Japan is a disaster-stricken nation rarely seen in the world. 
10% of all earthquakes in the world occur in and around Japan.
And as the climate of the world changes, many typhoons occur every year in Japan.
Earthquakes, eruptions, fires, snow disasters, traffic accidents, daily accidents and injuries, and various disasters and accidents are increasing as if they are inversely proportional to the development of science and technology.
How many people would have been saved if they knew all this before the disaster?
I want you to know and know everything you can do in the event of a disaster before a disaster.
I also want you to know what to do with your life after waking up.
The comprehensive accident relief guidebook was created for that purpose.

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Abstraction series ⑨

Thinkers and personal trainers talk

How to increase the level of abstraction 2.0  

An abstract way of thinking that only those who have it can go to the next era


What is good about increasing the level of abstraction is that what is now, what was in the past, and anxiety about the future become ridiculous.
Anxiety and fear disappear, and everything becomes laughter.
"Abstract thinking" solves everything and turns everything into laughter.

We still have the features that primitive people have.
Now is the time to abandon that feature.

However, its various functions are still physically attached to the brain and body.
Physically, it cannot be thrown away.
Therefore, "abstraction" is to remove anxiety and fear and solve everything.
Look down on everything from above.


New issue


4th business method


This text was created with the intention of retaining the "knowledge" gained while actually creating a national organization.
Therefore, the 4th Business Method is not an academic discipline, but a practical science born from practice.
By all means, I hope that you will use what you have gained here to solve the social problems you think and develop your own business along with it.
I will tell you the future that has already happened.
You should stay as it is.
That is your "fourth business method".

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Abstraction series ⑧

Psychiatrists and thinkers talk

How to know the meaning of living without isolation for those who have difficulty living

How to be happy 3.0


I hold patient / family study sessions.

Based on the recent knowledge of brain science, we are trying to deepen our understanding by grasping our daily life and behavior as a function of the brain and aim for a happier way of life.

This conversation reflects that experience.

Therefore, I think that this content should not be described as a rigorous knowledge of brain science, but rather as my own interpretation to make it useful in our daily lives.

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