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​Mental health for depression, schizophrenia, developmental disorders, Asperger's, panic syndrome, higher brain dysfunction psychological counselors, coaches, consultants, depressed families.


"How to be happy through the mind, brain and spirit" learned from Dr. Kazutoshi Fukagawa, a neurologist and a brain expert

We tell the story and activities of Dr. Kazutoshi Fukagawa in videos, books, online schools, and lectures.

I would like you to touch such people

・ Those who are interested in psychology, brain science, mind, and mentality

・ Counselors, coaches, consultants, doctors, and healthcare professionals



Kazutoshi Fukagawa

Doctor, Specialist of Japanese Society of Neurology

Specialists in brain disorders such as memory disorders, attention disorders, and higher dysfunction

Graduated from Nagoya City University School of Medicine in 1988.

1990 National Nagoya Hospital (now: National Hospital Organization Nagoya Medical Center) Neurology

1992 Department of Internal Medicine, Komono Kosei Hospital

1994 Department of Neurology, Nagoya City General Rehabilitation Center Hospital

2000 Department of Internal Medicine, Nagoya Municipal Moriyama Municipal Hospital

2004 Director of Toyota Health Facility for the Elderly

2006 Chief, Higher Brain Dysfunction Support Department, Nagoya City General Rehabilitation Center

2008 Director of Higher Brain Dysfunction Support Department

2018 Director of Rehabilitation Department, Daido Hospital

Aichi Prefecture Higher Brain Dysfunction Support Promotion Project Counseling Support System Cooperation Coordinating Committee

Step 1 First of all, from free videos and talks!

1. 1. Please see the latest video.

2. A dialogue between Dr. Kazutoshi Fukagawa and the thinker Kenji Ogusu is now available in writing.

A neurologist talks about how to stay independent and independent for people who have difficulty living

We have made a video of a lecture by Dr. Kazutoshi Fukagawa on higher brain dysfunction.

Neurologist talks about how to be happy through the mind, brain and spirit

This is a video of a dialogue between Dr. Kazutoshi Fukagawa and the thinker Kenji Ogusu.

Step 2 Learn with books

Introducing books related to Dr. Kazutoshi Fukagawa.


How to be happy 1.0

Please read here first.


Then read the sequel "How to Be Happy 3.0".


How to be happy 2.0

If you want to deepen your understanding, please read this as well.

Many of them are manga and illustrations.

Please click on the cover of the book to take a look.


Step 3 Learn at an online school

脳の専門医師が語る 幸せになる方法その5.jpg
Vol. (1).jpg

Dr. Kazutoshi Fukagawa's online course is also available at UDEMY.​ ..

How to be happy talked about by a brain doctor by Udemy


​Lecture by Dr. Fukagawa in the online school

A course where you can learn all the necessary knowledge about whiplash treatment and head injuries in traffic accidents

It was completed by Dr. Fukagawa, NPO Jikosapo Japan, a lawyer, and a Judo rehabilitation teacher.

You will be able to rescue people around you who are in trouble due to a traffic accident just by knowing the contents of the guidebook.

Dr. Kazutoshi Fukagawa calls this "a relief activity that can be done just by knowing it."

​​ Therefore, I would like you to know the contents of this guidebook.


What is actually happening in the field of treatment

Dr. Kazutoshi Fukagawa, a neurologist, Yasuhiro Aki, a Judo rehabilitation teacher, and Jikosapo Japan Okusu, the chairman of the NPO,

Seen from the lawyer's sideKentaro Sugio reports on treatment and recognition of residual disability.

A guidebook completion certificate is issued by submitting a report after taking the course.

Step 5 Medical examination / interview / lecture request

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