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Why do you fight? Masked Fighter 2: The last disciple of the 1st Tiger Mask.

We are submitting our film to the film festival around the world.

Documentary Film

Why do you fight?
The last disciple of the 1st Tiger Mask.

Masked Fighter2

Why do you fight? Masked Fighter 2  The last disciple of the 1st Tiger Mask.
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The main cast is an active professional wrestler, The Blue Shark (47). He is a disciple of the first Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama) and an active professional mixed martial arts fighter.

With his dancer wife and three children, he organizes wrestling events and stands in the ring himself today.

When he is invited to participate in a tournament for the newly established mixed martial arts belt, his wife is also offered a chance to perform on stage...

World-renowned bassist BASSNINJA Quagelo Imazawa was appointed as music director, and the entire film is a BASSNINJA music video.

Special appearance by the first Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama).

The history of the birth of the film

Why Do You Fight? was born during the filming of Masked Fighter 1.

I went to the Blue Shark event to shoot Super Rider in Masked Fighter 1. I knew The Blue Shark existed, but I was unfamiliar with him.

While speaking with Blue Shark for the first time there, I learned that he is still fighting as an active mixed martial arts fighter even though he is in his late 40s, his wife is also an active dancer, and they hold his professional wrestling events with his three small children.

Then, I saw the Blue Shark family as “traveling and living gypsies.”

We met and talked for the first time, but perhaps the film production had already begun.

We started shooting in October 2022 and completed the film in April 2024.

When I watched the film after its completion, I was amazed at how such a dense story could be told.

The film's title was also decided upon near the film's completion.

I got that hint about this film production from Super Rider.

When he addressed us at the stage greeting, he said, “This movie will never end.”

At the end of the film, you can see the scene of the next film.

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Why do you fight? Masked Fighter 2  The last disciple of the 1st Tiger Mask.
The Blue Shark

Professional Wrestler

World-class bassist, twice voted one of the top 10 bassists in the world.

Musical director of this film.

BASSNINJA Why do you fight? Masked Fighter 2  The last disciple of the 1st Tiger Mask.
Why do you fight? Masked Fighter 2  The last disciple of the 1st Tiger Mask.

Ran Komi


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Super Rider

Pro Wrestler

Why do you fight? Masked Fighter 2  The last disciple of the 1st Tiger Mask.

Tiger Mask
Satoru Sayama

He debuted as a professional wrestler with New Japan Pro-Wrestling in 1976.

In 1981, he became Tiger Mask, and his fighting style, which used aerial techniques, gained national popularity and triggered a huge pro-wrestling boom.

In 1983, he retired from active wrestling in order to establish an ideal martial arts style.

In 1984, he founded the mixed martial arts organization Shooto.

He is also active as a thinker in addition to martial arts.


Bassist, Composer, Insect artist, Professor

Born: Feb 15, 1970
Genres: Jazz / Rock
Instrument: 6-string ElectricBass, Fretless Bass

Electric Bassist Quagero Imazawa was born in Ebetsu-shi Hokkaido, Japan.
The grandson of composer and radical bamboo flutist Kozan Abe, Imazawa playing the bass and studying composition in the early '80s.


Kenji Ogusu

Film director. Winner of more than 60 awards at film festivals around the world. From Japan.

I was previously ranked 2nd in the world in the mixed martial arts Shooto. I was the first fighter in the flyweight division of MMA. I am a black belt and the winner of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Asia Tournament and All Japan Tournament. 
I am a representative of  All Win Media.

Author of 28 books.

Published films: “Light of the Lighthouse,” “What I Learned from Cycling 6times around the World.” and “Masked Fighter1: Mixed Martial Arts was born in Japan. 1985.  

Title​: Why do you fight?

The last disciple of the 1st Tiger Mask.

Masked Fighter 2

Running Time: 1h 34m


​The Blue Shark

Kozo Urita



Quagero Imazawa

Ran Komi

Savabien show

Reder Ryoko Tanaka



Takeshi Hatori

Gandhara Suzuki


Tomohiko Hashimoto

​​Takahiro Tababa

Brandon Hashimoto

Kenichiro Arai

The Tiger Shark

Yuichi Watanabe

The Great SASUKE

​Super Rider

Satoru Sayama

(Special appearance)

1st Tiger Mask


Strong style Professional wrestling


Takahiro Tababa

Fight of the ring


Ryoko Tanaka with members of Cava bien Show​


Hiroyuki Iwasaki



Seiken School

Ryuji Irisawa

Members of Seiken School


Ouji Suzuki





 Music director

Quagero Imazawa

All music composed,arranged and
performed by Quagero Imazawa

"wave attack"
"mosquito express"
"Burningman ver.0"


"Baritoneon masked fighter2 ver."
"DTA masked fighter2 ver."
"OZ in the machine masked fighter2 ver."
"kwasida frankaa masked fighter2 ver."
"Gambler's wives masked fighter2 ver."
"frogger's bubble masked fighter2 ver."
"伯林鉄道(berlin tetsudo) masked fighter2 ver."
"say bye masked fighter ver."
"皮膚(hifu) masked fighter2 ver."

performed by Quagero Imazawa
mixed by ART HAND

"krash the shark part1~11"

performed by
Quagero Imazawa(b,vo)
ART HAND(ds,per)

Producer/ Yuichi Watanabe

Planning/ Yuichi Watanabe

Translations / Yui Ogusu

Narration / Quagero Imazawa

Shooting / Takamasa Iwasaki・Kenji Ogusu

Director・Editing/ Kenji Ogusu

Production and authorship/ 
The First one
Masked Fighter
Mixed martial arts was born in Japan. 1985
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