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Fight of The Ring 10th Anniversary matches | Pro Wrestling  The Movie Vol.1

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This is a documentary film that captures the inside of a professional wrestling organization's event, from the set-up of the ring to the end of the matches, including all five bouts.
The music director is BASSNINJA Quagero Imazawa, who has twice been selected as one of the world's top 10 bassists.
The entire film is made to look like a music video.


1st match 



Ninja Lee


2nd match 

Super Leopardo & Takafumi Ito & Hammer Kong


Dream Machine II & 326 & Taka



3rd match 

The Blue Shark


Naoshi Sano



4th match 

Newaza World Shinagawa presents Grappling Free Weight Class 

Three-way match 

Hideki Hasegawa, Big Bear, Longhorn Ozaki



5th match: The Wolf Trial match of 10

Round 1: Latin American Championship

Kenichiro Arai(Champion) vs The Wolf(Challenger)



6th match Fight of the Ring 10th Anniversary 
Round 3

Tag Team Match

Nagase President & The Great Sasuke

Hiroshi Yamato & The 5th Black Tiger

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History of the film's creation

 I met Mr. Nagase, the president of Fight of the Rring, when I was filming Masked Fighter.

At that time, Nagase president was also running the Fight of the Ring event.

I also met The Blue Shark, the star of Masked Fighter 2, at the same time.

About five months later, the filming of "Masked Fighter 2" began.

In the middle of the filming, The Blue Shark competed in a title match in the Fight of the Ring, and during the filming, I had some communication with Nagase president.

I am grateful to Nagase president for his willingness to allow me to shoot the film, as I am not able to shoot everything I want to shoot.

In July 2023, the Fight of the Ring 10th anniversary event and the Blue Shark 15th anniversary event were held on the same day at Shimokita Town Hall.

We decided to film both events and make a movie of them, which is the reason why this movie was made.

The other reason was that I had always wanted to make a one-take movie.

I believe that a one-hour movie can be created in one hour. (Of course, a lot of time and effort goes into the preparation...)


I thought that a one-day pro wrestling event could do that. This is one of the reasons why we decided to make this film.

I am also a former professional MMA fighter. (Formerly ranked 2nd in the world in MMA Shooto, and winner of the Asian and All-Japan Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships) I had hoped that I could use my experience in the film production.


In the process, Masked Fighter 1 and 2 and martial arts and pro wrestling films were created.

Our life experiences and connections are important for filmmaking.

When I think about it, I have been able to film at martial arts and pro wrestling venues without too much difficulty.

I gradually began to think that it would be a good idea to use professional wrestling as a motif for my film.

And I titled the film "Professional Wrestling The Movie".

This is the first in a series of films that I plan to make.

This movie is almost wordless.

I don't use words as a form of expression in this film.


Almost all of the film contains music by Quagero Imazawa.

In a sense, this film is a music video of Quagero Imazawa.

A film is expressed through images and sound.

In a documentary film we cannot film the past.

Therefore, it can only be expressed in words at that time.

I don't like that.

This film was created with the idea of expressing "human beings" through images and sound.

The film was made with the collaboration of Director Nagase, the contestants, Kagelo Imazawa, and everyone else.

The film could not have been made without any one of them.

I think that the production of a movie is a mysterious coincidence.

Thank you very much to everyone who cooperated in the production of this film. 


Film director  Kenji Ogusu

Main Cast

Nagase President

Professional Wrestler

Fight of the ring representative

The Wolf

Professional Wrestler

Akira Yokohama

He is the musician who sings The Wolf's entrance song.

Music provided by

The Wolf Who  has forgotten how to howl

lyrics, music, song / Akira Yokohama

Kenichiro Arai

Belongs to Dragon Gate.

Professional Wrestler

Takafumi Ito

Former MMA fighter

Professional Wrestler

Hammer Kong

Professional Wrestler

Hiroshi Yamato

Professional Wrestler​

city council member

The Great Sasuke
Legend Professional Wrestler
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Music  director

Music Director /Quagero Imazawa 

Bassist, Composer, Painter, Entomophagy Developer, Professor at Shikoku University 

Music director of the movie "Masked Fighter: Mixed Martial Arts was born in Japan 1985".

Produced the soundtrack for Masked Fighter, which will be released to the world on June 10, 2023.

Born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1970. Graduated from Waseda University. Performs all over the world. Released 21 albums. He has been attracting attention in Europe and the United States with his special 6-string electric bass.
Known as "BASSNINJA". 
Performed at the "Love Parade" event in Berlin with 1.5 million people.
Invited to Europe's largest bass festival "European Bass Day 2006" as the first Oriental performer.
Selected as one of the "10 Bassists of the World".


Fight of the Ring 10周年記念大会 小楠健志
Kenji Ogusu

Film director. Winner of more than 70 awards at film festivals around the world. I was born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

I was formerly 2nd rank in the world in the MMA division Shooto. and the first fighter in the world to compete in the flyweight division of MMA. Winner of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Asia Tournament and All Japan Tournament. Black belt.
Representative of All Win Media.

Author of 28 books.

Published films: "Lighthouse Lights," "What I Learned from Cycling 6 times around the world," "Masked Fighter: Mixed Martial Arts was born in Japan. 1985," "Why Do You Fight? Masked Fighter 2: The Last disciple of the First Tiger Mask".


Fight of The Ring 10th Anniversary matches 

Pro Wrestling  The Movie Vol.1

Running Time

30 m






Gandhara Suzuki


The actual spot

Masatoshi Yamamoto

Takesi Hatori


Fight of the Ring Supporters


The Great Sasuke


Music provided by

The Wolf Who  has forgotten how to howl


lyrics, music, song / Akira Yokohama

Music director


Quagero Imazawa


All music composed, arranged and 

performed by Quagero Imazawa






"Burningman ver.0"



"Baritoneon masked fighter2 ver."

"DTA masked fighter2 ver."

"wired-T fight of the ring ver."

"mud fight of the ring ver."

"Freak Out fight of the ring ver."

"Big Purple fight of the ring ver."

"Magnitude 2000 fight of the ring ver."

"On And On fight of the ring ver."

"(error) fight of the ring ver."

"LFO fight of the ring ver."

"Easy Rider fight of the ring ver."

"PL&E fight of the ring ver."

"Indo fight of the ring ver."

"(hifu) masked fighter2 ver."


Performed by Quagero Imazawa 


"krash the shark part2"

Performed by 

Quagero Imazawa(b,vo) 

ART HAND(ds,per)



Fight of the Ring

Production & Copyright



Kenji Ogusu

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Music Live

今沢カゲロウ Fight  of the ring 10周年記念大会
今沢カゲロウ Fight  of the ring 10周年記念大会

2024/3/8  in Osaka

2024/3/9   in studio ritMOnkey

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In Tokyo 2024/5/12

Nagase President who are the leader of The Fight of the Ring gave audience his speech.

Fight of The Ring 10周年記念大会 |プロレス The Movie Vol.1

The wolf who is also one of the main cast of the film gave audience his greeting.

Fight of The Ring 10周年記念大会 |プロレス The Movie Vol.1

Hammer Kong, who appeared in the movie Fight of the Ring 10th Anniversary matches, also came to the event and talked about his life up to the present day.

It was a very interesting talk, and I thought that people have a history.

In Tokyo 2023/12/10

Nagase president of Fight of the Ring also visited and spoke at the event.

Music director Quagero Imazawa also gave a mini-live performance.

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